Ayala Friefeld


Ayala was born in Hadera, Israel where she lived up until her early twenty’s. Ayala attained her degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management in 1984 and, shortly after graduating, she attended the Israeli Air Force for two years. After finishing her service, Ayala leveraged her skills and knowledge to starting her own Bridal spa in Hertzilya, Israel.

A few years later, Ayala decided to sell her Bridal Spa company and move to the United States where she started her family. Ayala raised three beautiful and successful children.

Arriving in South Florida, Ayala discovered her passionate love for painting through the exposure of photography, culture, and emotional energy. Although having prior work experience and success in business management and real estate, her true passion has always shined through art.

Imbued with a love for creative expression, Ayala’s work embeds unique visions of fantastical and painterly images and abstract art. Ayala works with mixed media and loves exploring new techniques.

Currently living in Miami, Ayala continues to expand her collections and sell her art internationally. Ayala’s clients include a diverse group of friends, colleagues, professionals, and others inspired and interested in independent commissions.

Peace & Love

Painting has always been a part of my soul and part of my soul is always embedded into my paintings. This is how to I connect to myself and others and I hope you connect on some level with my creative work.

Let’s talk art! Message me and tell me about yourself. Art brings people together and the world definitely needs that right now and always.